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About us

The name "RUMP" can be traced back to the year 1600. Since 1887 descendants of our family have been living on our farm in Norddrebber. My grandfather started with the specific breeding of Hannoverians. During the inflation he exchanged 110 centner of rye for the mare "Helche" by Honorat. My father was an enthusiastic rider (he rode with an artificial leg jumping in M-level ) and expanded the breeding of the riding horses.

Since 1983 I am, together with my wife Annette, in charge of our farm. Our son Henrik got his certification as a farmer and together we create the future of our farm. Our daughter Catharina is physiotherapist and still riding competitions, although she needs more time now for family and her little son Linus (3 years old). Our youngest daughter Mareike is studying politics and social rights in Trier. So for her a new period of life without farm and horses has began.

Besides my work on the farm and the basic training of our young horses I am active in our local breeding club, in the Association of Hannoverian Warm-blood breeders in Verden and as a judge on horse shows.

Hermann Jürgen Rump