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We produce 3-4 foals a year out of the following mares (click on the little photos or the accentuated names of the horses, then you can see an added window with the photo of the respective horse):

Damline 1: State premium mare: Contadora Damline 2: State premium mare:: Collina


Damline 1:

State premium mare Contadora
Born in 1977
16 foals in 19 breeding years
6 x State premium in a row

FN Sport Mare Book C (several descendants successfully competing at high level in sport)

Own successes:: 2 x best mare of the mare show, best family of the Lüneburger Bezirksverband
Successful sons and daughters: Agnat by Acapulco (Bundeschampionate 1989, Finale 3 year old riding horses, sold to France)
Aurelius by Acapulco (Bundeschampionate 1990 Finale 3 year old riding horses, sold at the elite auction to Dr. Schulten-Baumer. 1995 winner of the Nürnberger Burgpokal under Isabell Werth, sold to Madeleine Schulze Winter)
StPrSt. Agneta by Acapulco (broodmare in the stable of H.H. Hoppe, 3 daughters State Premium mares)
Wallach von Rotspon (sold to Sweden)


State premium mare Amulett
Born in 1991 by Acapulco out of Contadora
17 foals in 19 breeding years, 2009 colt by Loxley II, 2010 filly by Warkant, 2011 filly by Edward, 2012 colt by Don Darius, 2013 colt by Benicio


Successful sons and daughters: Whirly Girly by Wonderland: winner of the foal show, 4th place at the horse-show in Devon, USA
Senorita by Sherlock Holmes : sold at the Elite auction in Verden to England, is successfully competing under Alison Reddy
Greta Garbo by Grand Cru: received the highest scores on her mare performance test in Verden (8,5 ) Elite Mare ASS of Sharon Garner, Texas
Croquet by Cordoba: is successfully competing in dressage and jumping at L-level

Luis by Le Primeur (successful as a jumpinghorse in the Royal Army of Marocco)
Linette by Le Primeur (placed in jumping class L)


born 2002 by Le Primeur out of StPrSt Amulett
2012 colt by Stolzenberg, 2013 colt by Benicio


successful jumping horse,
mare prooving jumping 9/9,5
2011 pragnant by Stolzenberg


by Escudo I out of St.Pr.M. Contadora, born in 1997
5 foals in 5 breeding years, 6 x State premium mares in her damline


Successful sons and daughters: Foal by Waikiki, reserve winner of the foal show 2004
StPrA. Wellness by Waikiki : winner of the mare show 2005 in Ahlden
Foal by Waikiki, born in 2005, 2nd on the foal show, sold to Texas
Sold to Schleswig Holstein  


Born in 2001 by Waikiki out of Emotion


Own successes: Winner of the mare show in Ahlden in 2005.
Wellness died after a colic.